Accounting Services in El Salvador.

Interbiznet provides accounting services and advises on El Salvador taxes.

Among these accounting services that Interbiznet offers we can name the following:

Handling in El Salvador of Accounting and IVA (Added Value Taxes) Books.

  • Daily Ledger.
  • Financial Statement Ledger.
  • Purchase Ledger.
  • Sales to Taxpayers Ledger.
  • Other Ledgers and all others that are required.
Servicios Contables en El Salvador

Preparation and Presentation of Income Tax in El Salvador.

Added Value Taxes (IVA).

Income Tax.

Payment in part and tax withheld.

Establishment of Partnerships in El Salvador.

Registration of the partnership in the different government offices and other offices as required.

Registration of the establishment, registration of the municipal account, to obtain commercial license.

Issuance and Organization of the Accounting Catalog in El Salvador.

Issuance of the systems or accounting catalog in El Salvador and application manual.

Analysis and Financial-Commercial Evaluation of the Companies in El Salvador – DUE DILIGENCE.

Profit studies of financial indicators in El Salvador.

Management and administration of Payroll, Payment of Salaries and Social Obligations in El Salvador.

Issuance of payroll.

Payment to Social Security (ISSS).

Payment to Retirement Fund (AFP).

Audit Services in El Salvador.

Services of Fiscal Audit.

Services of Financial Audit.

Authorization of Accounting Books in El Salvador.

Certification of Financial Statements.

Authorization of Accounting Catalog, Accounting System and Application Manuals in El Salvador.

Other Accounting Services in El Salvador.

Fiscal Assessment in El Salvador.

Administration of client’s Personnel, Payment of Payroll and Administration of Human Resources.

Fiscal Planning.