Trademarks, copyrights, patents and utility patterns registration in el salvador.

Trademark, copyrights, patents and utility patterns registration in El Salvador.

InterBizNet also has experience and ability to conduct the legal proceedings in El Salvador, as far as copyright is concerned, such as:
Propiedad Intelectual en El Salvador.
  • Annulment process of the registration of a trademark in El Salvador. Starting at USD 850.00 depending on how complicated the case is.
    Searching for the title or a previous phonetic name of a trademark. USD 45.00.
  • Application for the registration of utility patterns. USD 350.00.
  • Copyright application in El Salvador, for a book or invention. USD 320.00.
  • Presentation of an opposition to the registration of a trademark or defense against an opposition. USD 280.00.
  • To register a trademark in El Salvador, as well as for any other legal proceedings for copyrights, it is required to give power of attorney to our lawyers, which we will send to the client when our services are required and our respective offer is accepted.
    Our legal fee for the process of application and registration of trademarks in El Salvador is USD 185.00, which included to the total cost of USD 360.00 for the registration of an international trademark in El Salvador amounts to USD 545.00.

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Our law firm provides professional branch and company incorporation services in El Salvador for national or from abroad customers as well.
The necessary paperwork is included in our services, which means the deed of incorporation, the first financial statement and business license application.




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