Corporate Services in El Salvador, company incorporation in el salvador.

InterBizNet offers complete professional services needed to form a company in El Salvador. We include our services for the legal portion as well as the accounting and administrative portion.
  • Company incorporation services in El Salvador.
  • Incorporation of Foreign Branches in El Salvador.
  • Establishment of Non-Profit Associations and Foundations (ONG).
  • We provide fiscal address and legal representation in El Salvador.

The requirements to form a company in El Salvador are:

Intended name under which the company will be founded in order to investigate its availability.
Unique Identification Carnet for Salvadorans, and for foreigners Resident Card, or Valid Passports for each of the partners.
Partners’ Tax Identification Numbers.
Indicate the ultimate nature, line of business or primary activity of the company.
The law requires USD 2,000.00 as the partnership principal for Salvadorans as well as for foreigners.
Percentage of shares for each partner.
Designate the legal representative, his substitute, and the names of the board of directors.


The professional legal fee is USD 785.00, and USD 178.00 for costs which include the registration taxes and the trade license for the first year.

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Our law firm provides professional branch and company incorporation services in El Salvador for national or from abroad customers as well.
The necessary paperwork is included in our services, which means the deed of incorporation, the first financial statement and business license application.




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