Questions about Trademark Registration in El Salvador

Why register your intellectual property in El Salvador?

Day by day intellectual property is an increasingly valuable asset for its owners, the development of a brand, its launch and market positioning, innovations, inventions or property rights over a human creation made with effort, deserves and should be protected and insured from dishonest use by third parties who have not invested anything and only want to profit from the work of others.

What is a brand?

It is any sign, word or combination of words or any other graphic or material means, which due to its special characters is capable of clearly distinguishing products, merchandise or services of the same kind or class, but of a different owner.

A trademark in El Salvador has a term of 10 years, which may be renewed for other equal terms indefinitely, fulfilling the corresponding legal requirements.

Why register trademarks or inventions or other services?

Each of them represents a promise of success for those who launch them on the market, the entire development process of an invention or a brand or other distinctive sign requires a strong investment of time and research of all kinds, only by registering it ensures the legitimacy of Exclusive Right of exploitation in Commerce.

What must be done to register a trademark in El Salvador?

Perform a prior search of the name you wish to register to identify if there are identical or similar registered or filed trademarks using them for products, companies or services.

That the brand or other sign should not go against morality and good customs.

Who applies for a trademark or other sign in El Salvador?

Any natural or legal person