Apostille - Legalization of Documents in El Salvador. 

What is an Apostille?

The Hague Apostille (or simply " apostille " in French: " apostille ") is a process that facilitates and simplifies the legalization of documents in order to verify their authenticity internationally.

Why do I need the Apostille of Documents?

Apostille is needed for a Salvadoran document is recognized, and in that sense effect in the recipient country itself.

The Hague Convention, existing since 1961, is another option to the long chain certification process used hitherto, which had to go to authorities to certify a document.

InterBiz.Net offers the service to get their documents, and then legalize them to be binding in the country required. For example we can settle, marginalize or obtain birth, marriage, death, etc.

Our service Apostille of documents in El Salvador, comprising among others, the following:

Certifications items or records of Salvadoran birth

Starting Certifications Salvadoran marriage

Certifications starting divorce El Salvador

Certifications death certificates of Salvadoran

Purchase of property Scripture Salvadorans

Donations Scriptures

Salvadoran authorities or mandates

Academic Degrees of El Salvador

Wills made in El Salvador

Other documents subject to the Convention

The Documents Apostille service in El Salvador , aims that they can take effect and be used in other countries that are part of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961.

To begin the procedure of Apostille in El Salvador, it is necessary to obtain the original certification of the document that is the subject of proceedings by the official responsible.

Our Documents Apostille service in El Salvador, including obtaining the original certification and the Apostille of the same, including the document sent to your doorstep, all according to customer requirements.

In El Salvador, the documents can be legalized by Apostille according to Article 1 of the Convention of The Hague are:

Documents emanating from an authority or official connected with the jurisdiction of the State, including those emanating from a public prosecutor or an official clerk or bailiff.

Administrative documents.

Notarial documents.

The official certificates which are placed on private , such as certification of registration of a document documents , certification on a certain date and official and notarial signature authentication private documents.

CAN NOT apostille:

The documents issued by diplomatic or consular officials Salvadorans.

Salvadorans administrative documents dealing directly with commercial or customs operations Salvadoran.

In case of questions about the process of legalization of documents or documents subject to endorsement, please contact us.