1.- What are the steps to create a society in El Salvador?

R/ Have at least two partners , Tender economic activity , legal address , name of the company and share capital of at least USD 2,000.00.

2.- How long a society organized in El Salvador?

R/ 5 to 10 business days.

3.- What is the use of documents Apostille?

R/ To become effective in the destination country.

4.- What are the grounds for divorce in El Salvador?

R/ Mutual agreement , common life intolerable and absolute separation exceeding one year.

5.- How long does divorce proceedings?

R/ Depending on the causal , it may take three months to a year.

6.- What is the deadline to file complaints against providers in the Office of the consumer?

R/ Two years from the commission of the offense.

7.- Do the banks and financial obligation to provide information , in writing , on the credit history of the people?

R/ Si , according to the Law of Information Services and Credit History People.

8.- What is the term of protection for a trademark?

R/ 10 years.

9.- What is the minimum capital of a branch of a foreign company in El Salvador?

R/ USD 12,000.00.

10.- Which are the companies that should have Working Rules?

R/ All, from the hiring of 10 employees