Evaluation, Selection and Transfer of Staff Salvadoran to other countries as Spain, the U.S. and Canada. 

Personal elective for evaluation and transfer: We specialize in the screening of personnel to the areas of construction and maintenance as well as the area of ​​medical services; such as:

Technicians in welding, masonry, gardening , specialized construction workers , electricians, medical professionals , nursing, physiotherapy, dental assistants.


The applicant organization provides job profile and candidate specifications corresponding to the desired personal or requested.

Recruitment and screening through the search specifies the profile required by the applicant.

Our services include:

Verification of police, academic or research background, and work history.

Psychological evaluation.

Test to rule out or confirm drug use.

Preparation and submission of the required documentation at the embassy or consulate of the country of origin of the applicant; and support in obtaining visa and work permit.

The transfer of personnel management can be made only with countries of destination that El Salvador has consular representation.