Divorces in El Salvador, according to the legislation,
may be for the following reasons:


Mutual Consent.

Remove Absolute.

Common Life Intolerable.

The demands Divorce by any of the grounds stated above , we can present them throughout the Republic.

If one or both spouses want to be divorced in El Salvador, are abroad, the requirements are:

Develop writing Convention Divorce , which appointed the lawyer who will ratify the agreement to subscribe, also the conditions under which they will divorce, ie the spouse to be the guardian, personal care and legal representation shall be appointed the children of the marriage (if there Were, if they are minors ), visitation, alimony that the parents bring the benefit of their children; if you are goods and married under the regime of deferred community, must specify how the assets are distributed. (of this writing we will send the respective model and they can make Salvadoran notary, at the Consulate or a Notary Public, the latter must give the respective authentic ).

Writing General Judiciary with Special Clause (which we will send the same model).

Certification of the birth of the spouses, the children are also required if any and Marriage (in the event that they have these items, we will dispatch us To provide you the same, we need to know in which City Hall is dates are settled and seat ).

In short, to present in El Salvador for a divorce, you need the Agreement by Mutual Consent, Power and certifications from birth certificates (spouses and children ) and marriage.

When one spouse is in El Salvador and the other abroad, and who wish to divorce, the information and requirements would be the same , except that which is in the United States, shall submit only one branch in the empowering the attorney to represent him before the competent notary to subscribe along with the other spouse , Divorce Convention under the conditions he stated in power and to represent you in the Family Court in the Divorce Process (Also we will send model of this kind of power).

When Divorce by Mutual Consent is you can apply for divorce in any Family Court because they are measures of Voluntary Jurisdiction.

If so, who wants to divorce but the other person does not agree, it must send the Model of Power of Attorney authorizing Divorce Process to follow either the causal Separation Amount ( if it has more than one year apart ) or the other which is the causal Intolerable living together ( when they have less than a year away, this case is very rare in the case of foreigners), and the aforementioned items.

When Absolute Separation or other causal, demand in the jurisdiction where the defendant resides will be presented.

It also raises the possibility that the address of the person you want to sue is ignored in this case the claim is brought in the jurisdiction where you last resided spouses and to the respondent through edicts is located.


Depending on the legal grounds for divorce and the particularities of each case, as well as self- divorce judgment takes place in the courts of the city of San Salvador or hinterland our fees may vary from: USD 425.00 a 950.00 USD