InterBizNet offers the following legal services in El Salvador:

1. Establishment or to Form Partnerships in El Salvador.

InterBizNet, offers full professional services to establish a company in El Salvador. Included in our services are the legal portion as well as the accounting and management portions.

To Form a Company in El Salvador

The requirements to form a company in El Salvador are:

Intended name under which the company will be founded in order to investigate its availability.

Unique Identification Carnet for Salvadorans, and for foreigners Resident Card, or Valid Passports for each of the partners.

Partners’ Tax Identification Numbers.

Indicate the ultimate nature, line of business or primary activity of the company.

The law requires USD 2,000.00 as the partnership principal for Salvadorans as well as for foreigners.

Percentage of shares for each partner.

Designation of the legal representative, his substitute, and the names of the board of directors.

2. Copyright in El Salvador

Trademark Registration in El Salvador, search for Antecedents, Opposition to Trademark Registration.

Registration of Dominion Names and Commercial Names.

Registration of Copyrights and Utility Patterns.

Lawyers and Counselors for Copyright Litigations, Piracy, Trademark Incompetence, Trial to Regain Possession of Copyright.

3. Health Registration in El Salvador

Food and Beverage.



Authorization for the Storage Facility, Distribution or Manufacturing. (Warehouse, Drug Store, Laboratory).

4. Family and Civil Law in El Salvador

InterBizNet takes care of Civil Litigations and Divorces in El Salvador.

Birth Certificates and their marginal notes.

True Copies of Property Certifications.

Investigation of Legal Status of Property.

Solving of Legal Problems in El Salvador.

Deeds and Notary Documents in El Salvador.

Elaboration of Last Wills.

Civil and family litigations in El Salvador.

Legal Custody and safekeeping of minors.

Identity Legal Instruments in El Salvador.

Acknowledgement of Paternity in El Salvador.

Family Litigations in El Salvador.

Divorces and marriages of Salvadorans to foreigners.

Adoption proceedings in El Salvador.

5. Consumer Defense Rights

Advise and representation to conduct claims or reimbursements for unjustified charges from public or private offices or companies, such as non-authorized charges, failure to deliver purchase goods, incomplete services, lack of information, etc.

6. Administration

Advise and representation in all kinds of proceedings with public offices, such as pension paperwork before the Salvadoran Institute for Social Security (ISSS), INPEP and IPSFA; appeals before the San Salvador Municipal Office for imposition of fines, etc.

7. Court of Accounts

Advise and representation in the follow up of compliance and dismissal of findings, either administrative or due to legal action by the Court of Accounts. Also for the complementary proceedings before the Human Rights Office and/or the Governmental Ethic Court among others.

8. Resgistered Agent in El Salvador

The services of REGISTERED AGENT are related to the creation of contracts, or procedures relevant to the grantor, whether to private or public institutions, in all the territory of the Republic of El Salvador, the procedures could be of different nature such as: Administrative, Civil, Commercial or Labor.

Our fees are calculated based in the specifications of each case, with a minimum of USD 200.00 per case.