Accounting Outsourcing Services in El Salvador

We are an accounting company in El Salvador that specializes in providing accounting advice. Additionally, we offer various accounting services in El Salvador, including accounting updates, preparation of VAT books, and commercial and municipal procedures. Moreover, we provide financial advice, consulting, and expertise in tax matters.

Our company acknowledges the significance of ensuring proper management and compliance with legal and accounting obligations before state institutions for the interests of our clients. Therefore, we are dedicated to delivering quality services on time, minimizing the risk of fines or penalties.

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Our fields of expertise are:

  • Management of Accounting Books and VAT in El Salvador.
  • Main Daily Bookkeeper.
  • Financial Statements Bookkeeper.
  • Purchase Journal.
  • Sales Bookkeeper.
  • Other Journals and Formal Compliance Obligations.

Accounting Outsourcing in El Salvador

  • Preparation and Presentation of Tax Returns in El Salvador.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) Declaration.
  • Income Tax Return.
  • Account Payments and Withheld Taxes.
  • Formalization of Companies in El Salvador.
  • Registration of Corporations in Various Government Institutions and Other Required Entities.
  • Establishment Registration, Municipal Account Registration, Commercial Enrollment Management.
  • Preparation and Organization of Accounting Catalogs in El Salvador.

Management and Administration of Payroll, Salary Payments, and Social Obligations in El Salvador.

  • Payroll Preparation.
  • Social Security Payments (ISSS).
  • Pension Fund Payments (AFP).
  • Audit Services in El Salvador.
  • Tax Audit Services.
  • Financial Audit Services.

Authorization of Accounting Books in El Salvador.

  • Certification of Financial Statements.
  • Authorization of Account Catalogs, Accounting System, and Application Manual in El Salvador.

Financial and Commercial Valuation Analysis of Companies in El Salvador – DUE DILIGENCE.

  • Profitability Studies of Financial Indexes in El Salvador.

Other Accounting Services in El Salvador.

  • Tax Opinion in El Salvador.
  • Administration of Third-Party Staff, Payroll Payments, and Human Resources Administration.
  • Fiscal Planning.

Added Value Services

Interbiznet provides additional services such as fiscal domicile and resident agent in El Salvador, offering its address as the registered address to the tax administration, customers, and suppliers. We can assign telephone numbers from our telephone exchange system, exclusively answering calls with the client’s names and forwarding their messages and correspondence.

In addition, upon our client’s requests, we can prepare invoices and deliver them to their respective client’s offices. We also manage payment collection, fund remittance in banks, and provide other related managerial support services.

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