Corporate Payment Obligation Collection Services in El Salvador

Corporate Collection in El Salvador

Interbiznet, a law firm specializing in the business field in El Salvador, provides Corporate Debt Collection and Recovery Services in El Salvador. Please note not to confuse our corporate debt collection service in El Salvador with our accounting services.

Interbiznet’s corporate services are extrajudicial (also known as managerial) and judicial, depending on the fundamental documents of the action and the specific needs of each client. Interbiznet aims to provide optimal solutions with guaranteed results.

We conduct all necessary inquiries and investigations to trace the debtor and identify assets that could be utilized to fulfill the obligation. Additionally, we apply the necessary pressure to prompt the debtor to meet their obligation. Before initiating legal action, we exhaust extrajudicial (managerial) collection resources.

Each case is thoroughly evaluated and analyzed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the relevant field. We inform the client about the actual possibilities of success before accepting the case.

Our services are customized to cases where the monetary value for litigation or recovery exceeds TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS (USD 10,000.00).

Our payment structure:

    • 10% of the amount to be collected or in dispute, for extrajudicial means.
    • 15% of the amount to be collected if legal means are necessary.
    • In either case, our professional fees will be settled against the results.
    • We require an upfront payment for managerial expenses, which will be deducted from the total amount of our actual fees.

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