Interbiznet, provides comprehensive professional services for company incorporation in El Salvador, covering legal and accounting administrative aspects.

Our services include:

  • Company incorporation in El Salvador.
  • Incorporation of foreign branches in El Salvador.
  • Incorporation of Non-Profit Associations and Foundations (NGO).
  • Offer our services for tax domicile and legal representation in El Salvador.

Requirements for the Establishment of Companies in El Salvador.

  • Name intended for the newly constituted company for availability verification.
  • Unique Identity Document for Salvadorans, and foreigners, Residency Card, or Valid Passport for each partner.
  • Tax Identification Number for each partner.
  • If partners are of Salvadoran nationality or domiciled foreigners, submit an original valid municipal solvency or a copy certified by a notary.
  • Specify the purpose, nature, or main activity of the company.
  • The legal capital required by law is USD 2,000.00 for both Salvadorans and foreigners.
  • Indicate the percentage of shares for each partner.
  • Designate the legal representative, their substitute, and the board of directors members.
  • The registration fees cover the payment of the first year of commercial registration.

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