Evaluation, Pre-selection, and Transfer of Salvadoran Staff to other countries such as Spain, the United States, and Canada. Our expertise lies in the pre-selection of personnel in construction, maintenance, and medical services, including technicians in welding, masonry, gardening, specialized construction workers, electricians, medical professionals, nursing, physiotherapy, and dental assistants.

We specialize in selecting the right personnel specialized to your business needs. Once your personnel is evaluated, and selected, and the necessary documentation is prepared, you can employ them, and we will manage the process of transferring them to the applicant’s country of origin.

How does the personnel evaluation work?

The requesting organization provides a job and candidate profile with specifications aligning with the required or desired staff. Afterward, we conduct recruitment and pre-selection through a targeted search for the required profile.

The evaluation process involves verifying records and documents, conducting psychological tests, and other relevant assessments. Additionally, our firm is responsible for guiding the staff through various procedures.

Once the personnel is selected based on the specified requirements, certain processes must be undertaken to facilitate the transfer of personnel in El Salvador before they travel to the required country or region.

What do our personnel transfer services include?

Interbiznet offers verification and completion of the following services:

  • Criminal records 
  • Academic or study records 
  • Employment history 
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Drug use test (to confirm or rule out)
  • Preparation of necessary documentation at the embassy or consulate of the applicant’s country of origin
  • Accompaniment of staff to obtain the visa
  • Obtaining the work permit

Please note that the management of personnel transfer can only be conducted for countries of destination where El Salvador has consular representation.

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