At Interbiznet, we possess the expertise and capability to facilitate the registration of intellectual property in El Salvador. Additionally, we handle various processes related to intellectual property in El Salvador, including:

  • Trademark registration in el salvador
  • Copyright
  • Utility models in El Salvador

We strongly advise registering your intellectual property. Doing so not only adds value to your assets in the market but also establishes a legal foundation to safeguard against unauthorized use by third parties seeking to use your intellectual property for profit without your authorization.

Intellectual Property in El Salvador

Some of the services that our firm can provide include:

  • Nullity process for trademark registration in El Salvador.
  • Trademark search by owner or phonetic antecedent search.
  • Application for registration of utility models.
  • Copyright application in El Salvador for a work or creation.
  • Submission of opposition to trademark registration or defense against opposition

It is important to note that for trademark registration, renewal is necessary after a specific period, with the possibility of further renewals. Failure to submit a renewal application allows a 6-month extension period, after which the registration is lost.

For trademark registration and other intellectual property procedures, a power of attorney must be granted to our lawyers. This document will be provided when our services are engaged and the corresponding offer is accepted.

If you have any questions, you can refer to the sections on trademark renewal in El Salvador and frequently asked questions about trademark registration in El Salvador. Additionally, for further inquiries or to contact us, please click here. Your first question will be provided free of charge.


FAQs on Trademark Registration in El Salvador.

Trademark Renewal in El Salvador

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