Accounting Outsourcing is a practice that is constantly growing globally, as it enables companies to reduce costs by directing resources towards higher-value activities, thus optimizing results

At Interbiznet, our Accounting Outsourcing service in El Salvador represents excellence in accounting and financial management for your company. Our experience and commitment allow us to offer comprehensive solutions.


Our accounting outsourcing services in El Salvador include:

  • Preparation and Filing of Tax Returns in El Salvador
  • VAT Declaration
  • Income Tax Declaration
  • Advance Payment and Withheld Tax
  • Formalization of Companies in El Salvador
  • Registration of the company in different government agencies and other required entities
  • Establishment registration, municipal account registration, trade license management
  • Preparation and Organization of Accounting Catalogs in El Salvador
  • Preparation of systems or account catalogs in El Salvador and application manual.


With Interbiznet as your Accounting Outsourcing partner in El Salvador, you will experience increased operational efficiency, cost reduction, and greater peace of mind in accounting and financial matters.