The step to register your company is what will really give our company the formal spirit, because the legal bond that is created at the moment of taking the step not only creates the obligations that many new entrepreneurs fear, but also creates a range of Rights and opportunities for those who, in good faith, legalize their status before the different State entities.

But what is a company? The mercantile company is constituted by a coordinated set of work, material elements and incorporeal values, with the objective of offering to the public, for profit and in a systematic manner, goods or services. Art. 553 Art. 5 n1, 54 C.Com.

What is a Society? Society is the legal entity resulting from a solemn contract, entered into between two or more people, which stipulates pooling goods or industry, with the purpose of sharing among themselves the benefits that come from the businesses to which they are going to dedicate themselves. Art. 17

Some conditions that the Legality presents to us

New Business Opportunities:

The majority of good formal business opportunities prefer to acquire or consume products that are not only within the limits of their budgets, but also provide guarantees and quality; Said guarantee protects both the buyer and the seller, in the exercise of their corresponding rights.


The fact of having a commercial registry shows seriousness to current and potential clients, since we tacitly demonstrate that we have fulfilled the requirements established by Salvadoran legislation, which supports not only formally, but also structurally the actions of our company.

Entry to the Financial System:

It is a difficult but necessary step, the financial system represents more than a simple credit option and the economic support of our actions within the company, since many times the pressure and formality that it grants is transferred in the efficient use of money, giving the support that if we join within this area, it creates the reflection that for said entry, the legal forms requested from companies must be covered, therefore the money that our company produces and manages is equally legal.

The opportunity to participate in Tenders:

For companies that provide services or goods to other companies, this is one of the greatest opportunities offered by the world economy; Being able to compete with the strength of our products and services, for contracts against other offers. But for this, once again, it is necessary not only to demonstrate seriousness, but also to comply with certain legal requirements, such as being constituted within a legal framework.

Guarantee and Support in our actions:

The invoice issued in our transactions is the supporting document by excellence, both for the one who receives it for consumption, and for the one who grants it for their product or service, since it is a document that goes through an authorization process For its distribution, it has the support of the State, for the exercise of the rights and obligations that derive from it.