Standard Plan

$1,419.00 VAT

Fees without VAT $1,419.00
Service/Plan Standard
Name availability lookup Included
Preparation and registration of the deed of incorporation Included
Preparation and registration of Initial Balance Included
Obtaining the NIT and VAT card of the company Included
Obtaining company registration and initial establishment Included
Issuance of share certificates Included
Provision of certified check for the incorporation of a company with the minimum capital. Included
Registration at the Mayor’s Office of San Salvador Included
Obtaining a user in the General Directorate of Internal Taxes Included
Obtaining correlative authorization for the issuance of fiscal documents (invoices, proof of fiscal credit, others) Included
Preparation of authorized invoices and other tax documents Included
Preparation of the company seal Included
Preparation and authorization by CPA DE (Catalog of Accounts, Accounting Policies and Application Manual) Included
Preparation and authorization of folios for accounting and legal books of the company. Included
Registration of the company in the Financial Investigation Unit Included
Product total
Options total
Grand total