Requirements to incorporate a variable capital corporation in El Salvador

Below, our firm provides you with the requirements to incorporate a variable capital corporation in El Salvador. For more information about the price of our fees, please contact us.

  1. Stablish how the company will be called in order to check its availability at the National Center of Registries.
  1. Scanned copies of identification documents of all shareholders. The Unique Identity Document (DUI) in case the shareholders are Salvadoran or valid passport in case they are foreigners. Salvadoran laws stipulate that there must be at least 2 shareholders; These can be natural persons (physical) or legal entities (entities). In case the shareholders are legal persons, they must provide a copy certified by a notary of the deed of incorporation or bylaws and any modification that they have suffered; Likewise, they must provide the document that accredits the person empowered to represent the company, whether he is the person who exercises the position of administrator or president director; and who should grant power to society in El Salvador.
  1. Scanned copies of the Cards with the Tax Identification Number (NIT) of all the shareholders, even if they are foreigners. If you are a foreigner and do not have this document, our firm can help you obtain it.
  1. Municipal solvency of the shareholders, if they are Salvadorans or foreigners residing in El Salvador.
  1. Provide a minimum capital of 2,000.00 USD. Of this, at least 5% (100 USD) must be paid by means of a certified check in the name of the company to be constituted at the time of its constitution. In case the company is constituted with the minimum capital and none of its shareholders can provide the certified check, our firm will take care of this payment at no additional cost. From the date of incorporation of the company, the partners will have one year to pay the rest of the capital to it.
  1. Stablish the Tax or Fiscal Address that the company to be incorporated will have. If you do not have a domicile in Salvadoran territory, our firm can also provide you with the registered address service for your company; however, this service has a monthly fee.
  1. Stablish what the activity/purpose of the company will be.
  1. Establish who will be the Legal Representative of the company; even if it is a sole administrator and his substitute or a board of directors.
  1. Define the percentage of shares that each shareholder will have.
  1. Appear to sign the deed of incorporation of the company. In case any of the shareholders cannot physically present themselves to sign the deed of incorporation, they can do so using a proxy, for which we can provide a model of power of attorney.